FIT 30 Barre - Real Results!

Our Barre classes are a blend of pilates, strength, and yoga exercises set to music! You will sculpt and tone your legs, bottom, arms, and core! Small weights, toning balls and bands are used. For all levels!

FIT 30 Barre Classes:

CORE - Classic barre repertoire! An amazing and total body sculpting workout!

ENDURANCE - Test your strength and endurance in this upbeat barre class! Fuses athletic holds and power planks with your barre routine! Very challenging!

SWEAT - Get ready to SWEAT! High energy and fun class set to an amazing playlist! Takes your favorite barre class and infuses it with plyometrics and strength moves to get your heart pumping! Class alternates through a sequence of power, endurance and flexibility moves to keep your body guessing! For all levels!

FUSION - First half of class done at the barre, followed by floor exercises to sculpt and tone bottom and core! 

FIT 30 Barre Class Schedule:

Monday   -  SWEAT  -  6:15 pm (55 minutes)

Tuesday  -  CORE    -  6:30 pm (55 minutes)

Wednesday  - ENDURANCE  -  6:15 pm (55 minutes)

Thursday -  FUSION - 6:30 pm (55 minutes)

Saturday  -  ENDURANCE  - 9:00 am (55 minutes)

Sunday    -  CORE     - 9:00 am (55 minutes)

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