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FIT 30 Group Fitness - Real Results!

Our Group Fitness Classes are fast and effective in a high energy environment! We use a wide variety of strength and conditioning equipment including TRX, Kettlebells, Medicine Balls, Free Weights, and more! All with a motivating personal trainer with you every step of the way! For all levels of fitness!

FIT 30 Group Fitness Classes:

STRONG - Our classic circuit training workout provides an awesome blend of strength, core, and cardio! You get it all with this class!

FIRESTORM - A class using As Many Rounds as Possible format! Get ready to test your strength and endurance with this awesome workout!

MAX - This class blends strength training with some fast paced cardio blasts! You'll push yourself to the max with this fast paced workout!

FIERCE - A class using As Many Reps as Possible format! You'll get a great strength and cardio workout while burning mega calories! Who doesn't want that!

CHALLENGE - This class uses For Time format!  Challenge yourself to complete this workout of the month with your best time yet!

FIT 30 Group Fitness Class Schedule:

Monday - STRONG - 5:30 am (30 minutes)

Monday - STRONG - 9:15 am (45 minutes)

Monday - STRONG - 5:30 pm (30 minutes)

Tuesday - FIRESTORM - 9:00 am (45 minutes)

Tuesday - FIRESTORM - 5:30 pm (30 minutes)

Wednesday - FIRESTORM - 5:30 am (30 minutes)

Wednesday - MAX  - 9:00 am (45 minutes)

Wednesday - MAX  - 5:30 pm (30 minutes)

Thursday - FIERCE - 9:15 am (45 minutes)

Thursday - FIERCE - 5:30 pm (30 minutes)

Friday - MAX         - 5:30 am (30 minutes)

Friday - STRONG - 9:00 am (45 minutes)

Saturday - STRONG - 8:00 am (45 minutes)

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